Aims and values

At St Clement Danes children take their place in the history books of a school founded more than 300 years ago.

Our school motto is 'Our Values are our anchor'

Our Values are: Thankfulness, Friendship, Wisdom, Endurance, Forgiveness and Service. 

We aim to: 

We believe that each child should:

Children and the curriculum

The school provides a broad, well-planned, balanced and differentiated curriculum. This is based on the National Curriculum. The school follows the London Diocesan Board for School’s curriculum for Religious Education.  This combination nurtures each child’s intellectual, personal, social, spiritual, moral, and physical development.

Each child is helped to develop the concepts, knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes which will enable them to become a confident and independent learner. Each child will be able to work co-operatively and to use their own initiative.

There is equality of access to the curriculum for all children, particularly for those children who may have special educational needs, those for whom English is a new language and those whose learning needs stretching. 

In teaching and learning continuity and progression is ensured. Robust assessment and record-keeping informs further planning and teaching to meet children’s individual learning needs.

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