Whilst St Clement Danes retains many of its original features our building undergoes constant renovation to ensure is fully up-to-date with the demands of 21st century education.

About the building

A brief introduction to the building, built 300 years ago but always being remodelled to meet the demands of contemporary teaching.

Information and Communication Technology

An introduction to our newly refurbished computer suite, with access to more than 30 computers and an interactive whiteboard.

The library

Our library has more than a thousand modern books which our children are encouraged to borrow and take home.

Sports facilities

We are a small school, but we have full access to nearby school fields and a swimming pool.

Play areas

Though located in a highly populated area of London and land locked St Clement Danes School benefits from a variety of stimulating play areas.

Community facilities

Located in the heart of London amidst museums and galleries, St Clement Danes School provides a curriculum which is enhanced by a range of stunning visits.