Rosa Parks »

On Tuesday 1st December during Collective Worship, Andrew Kaye, one of our school governors, provided a talk about Rosa Parks to help children with their learning and understanding of the contributions of prominent Black History figures.

The children learnt a lot from the information Andrew…


Tower of London »

Year 1 had a fantastic day at the Tower of London. We learnt about Knights and got knighted by someone from the Tower of London. We got to see the Crown Jewels, the White Tower and spotted all of the royal beasts!


Eucharist at St Paul’s Church 26th November 2015 »

Key Stage 2 pupils went for our termly Eucharist service at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden today.

The reading was all about Daniel in the Lion’s Den. We reflected on how he showed endurance, courage and faith. We thought about how the story of Daniel can help inspire us to be brave and show…


Collective Worship 25th November 2015 »

Today in Collective Worship Father Simon taught us all about a special meeting between the Angel Gabriel and Mary.

‘I learned that the meeting between Mary and the Angel Gabriel was called the Annunciation’.
Harry,Year 4

‘Although Mary was terrified, she still did what God asked’.
Charlie, Year 6


Science Day in Year 1 »

Today on science day we first completed a bar chart on Year 1's favourite season. We found out that Winter is the most popular season.

We then talked about weather changes over the seasons and how we can measure the temperature and wind.

We started off using thermometers to measure the temperate…


School Council visit the LSE Faith Centre »

Today our School Council visited the LSE’s Faith Centre, an interfaith reflective space at our local university. The children were welcomed by the LSE chaplain who also a school governor: Father Jim Walters. A group of students from the university spoke to the children about how they pray and use…


Year 4 Meet the Vikings at the National Maritime Museum »

Year 4 had an amazing day out at the National Maritime Museum today.

We started our adventure at school and had to take both a tube and a train to get to Greenwich. We had a lovely view of London from the train and it was super speedy. When we arrived in Greenwich, we had a short walk to the…


Mr Wilberforce visited Year 2 »

On Friday 13th November a teacher walked the hallways of St Clement Danes, snapping at children who dared to speak. His loud, intimidating voice frightened children and adults alike. Miss Pike jumped out of her chair as Mr Wilberforce's voice bellowed. But unbeknown to other classes, Year 2 were…


CAPCO Challenge »

 It was a day of plannning, designing and presenting when Nikola and Anna from Ursuline College ran the CAPCO enterprise workshop in Year 5! Our challenge was to design a new product profitable for a new Covent Garden Apple Market stall.

We developed skills in:
  Risk taking…


Friendship Week »

This term we were thrilled to welcome back the fabulous storyteller, Anna Conomos, to launch our annual ‘Friendship Week’.  Anna told wonderful friendship-themed stories from the lives of Saints and from the Bible.  


Year 1 Heroes »

Year 1 had lots of fun being heroes!


Year Six trip to Churchill’s War Room »

On Thursday 12th November, Year 6 went to Churchill’s War Rooms. The class visited the museum to learn more about World War Two. Churchill’s War Rooms are next to Downing St as Churchill was Prime Minster of England from 1940 until the end of the war.

During the trip each child was given an audio…


Year 2- Ballerina Trip »

Year 2 visited the ballerina by the Royal Opera House. This sculpture was created by the sculptor Enzo Plazzotta. We have been studying the human body and scultpture in art and this trip helped us think about how we would want our own sculptures to look. The children also used IPads to take photos…


Our Collective Worship this term »


House Captains visit from St George the Martyr »

The House Captains from St George the Martyr visited St Clement Danes today. Our House Captains gave the visitors a tour of the school and were very quick to engage in conversation. A hot topic of conversation was the new classroom boards.

The House Captains are very keen to meet up again soon!