Cross Country Results - 8th in Westminster »


Year 1 trip to the October Gallery »

Today we walked to the October Gallery and looked at some paintings by an artist called Aubrey Williams.

We then learnt more about "Black History month" by hearing some Caribbean stories.

After that we made some art work to illustrate the story of “Anansi” the spider. This included making our…


Yr 5 Science Museum Trip »

This term we have been studying Forces in Science. We’ve been learning about friction, gravity, water and air resistance. We have planned and carried out numerous experiments and have learnt how forces are all around us.


Sayers Croft Day Four »


Sayers Croft Day Three - Pitch Hill »


Sayers Croft Day Two »

Archery - Climbing - Wood Compass - Shelters


Sayers Croft Day One - We’ve arrived »


Tag Rugby at Regents Park »

Our tag rugby team played their socks off at the Westminster competition today.


Year 4, Term 1 Week 5 »

Year 4, Blog entry T1 W5


On Thursday the 24th September in year 4 we went to church, to learn about the principles of mass. Last week on Friday we focused on confessions and forgiveness. To support our students learning Father Simon spent the day with us. Our Learning Intention was to know how…


Year 3 Magnets Investigation »

Year 3 tested the strength of the magnets we had in the class.

The children investigated the strength in three ways:

1. Number of paper clips the magnet could hold. 

2. The distance the magnet could attract a paper clip.

3. Through how many pages would the magnet still work.


Year 6 Mosque Visit »

This week, Year 6 visited Regents Park Mosque. The class were awestruck by the size of the building and the silence in the large prayer hall. They asked numerous questions and found out many new facts about the Islamic faith.


Year 3 Science Museum Trip »

Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful day at the Science Museum. At the start of the day, the class experienced a 'Feel the Force' show where they learnt about the many different forces. After a spot of lunch we had a hands on session in the Launch Pad which everyone enjoyed! Finally, we ended the day with a…


School Council Election »

Having heard the election pledges of their peers, today each person voted for two children to represent their class on the St Clement Danes School Council. All the votes are in and the results will be announced in assembly very soon!


Today’s Assembly Theme:  FRIENDSHIP »


Year 2 Fire Brigade Museum »

Year 2 went on a trip to the London Fire Brigade Museum to learn about fire engines, 'The Great Fire of London' and fire safety.

This is what the children thought:

"We learnt about fire engines from the past, some children wore firefigher outfits."


"We also learnt about fire safety and…