Nepal earthquake fundraiser »

Our topic this term is natural disasters and we have been researching the devasting affects of the Nepal earthquake. On Wednesday 3rd June Year 6 did some fundraising after school and raised a whopping..... Drum roll please....... £138.77p!


Cricket at Regents Park »

St Clement Danes cricketers have been putting their skills to the test this week. Our girls and boys teams each took part in tournaments against other Westminster schools in Regents Park.


Gymnastics »

This week Year 2 and Year 5 began gymnastic lessons with instructor Tom.


Year 1 Alice in Wonderland. »

Alice in Wonderland!

What a Golden Afternoon we had with these beautiful flowers. We all enjoyed performing our dance and hope you did too!


Year 4 Alice in Wonderland Photos »

Here are some photos of our performance at the Royal Opera House. 


Alice in Wonderland »

Alice in Wonderland was amazing!
Well done Year 5 for your superb acting.


Alice in Wonderland - Year 3 »

Year 3 performed The Caucus Race dressed as fish and birds.

Well done Year 3!


Alice In Wonderland »

“Time is really flying by; we must be having fun!”

"Yes! Yes!"  Our Nursery and Reception pocket watches gave a superstar performance in the Royal Opera House last week!


The Royal Cardsmen »

The Royal cardsmen did themselves proud! They put on a stella performance and contributed marvellously to a great show. Well done year 6, I am proud of you.

Mr Weir


Alice in Wonderland: The Garden »

The Year 2 Garden!

~~Rose and Violet got in last September, and Petunia made the cut in June.
It’s not easy to become a member of the Golden Afternoon, Afternoon,
Afternoon, Afternoon

For a Golden Afternoon never settles
Every day you have to preen and prune
If you want to keep your stem and…


The Great Fire of London »

~~The Great Fire of London
Year 2’s art work has been ‘Fire’ inspired as we have been learning about the events and impact of ‘The Great Fire of London’ this term.
The class have thought the colour of fire, using paint, to mix and blend a range of different shade of reds, oranges and yellows. They…


The Great Plague »

This year we are marking the 350th anniversary of the Great Plague. Did you know that the Great Plague of 1665 began on Drury Lane?

Peter Maplestone, school governor and expert in local history, led a fascinating assembly where we learned all about what happened and why. People who lived then…


Reception and Nursery‚Äôs Underwater Adventure »

Our Early Years classes had a fabulous time exploring the Sea Life London Aquarium just before the Easter holidays!

Find out more about the creatures we met:

Did you know...? For adults with children who are pre-Nursery age, the Aquarium…


Year 1’s Giant Wiggle »

Year One raised £140 for Action for Children!

Although it was raining and we couldn't complete our sponsored walk around Covent Garden, we wiggled around school to the sounds of 'I like to Move it!' interupting lessons with our Hungry Caterpillar.

We then had a great day of Hungry Caterpillar…


African Collage »

~~Year 2’s final piece of art for this term was a combination of painting and collage. The children used images of a Massai tribe in Kenya as inspiration for their art work.