The prize for best effort goes to…. »

For the Governors’ Competition, this year, Year 2 created alternative versions of John Burningham’s story “Oi! Get off our train!”

The winners were announced in assembly. James was the overall winner and the runner up was Lucy. Year 2 also won a trophy for the best effort. Well done year 2.…


Year 1 Blog Spring »

Spring has been an exciting term so far...

Science day- We worked with Year 4 on our materials topic. They taught us about solids, liquids and gases. Then we completed a Three Little Pigs experiment and tried to make a house that the Big Bad Wolf (Miss Pike) could not blow over.

The Day the…


Year 3 - Oranges and Lemons Information »

Here is the dress code for this year's Scottish-themed performance:

White, school shirt.
Plain, black plimsolls (the ones the children wear for PE).
Long, colourful socks or tights (the funkier the better).

BOYS: Colourful shorts (they can be all one colour or patterned - again, the funkier the…


Rene, our writing star! »

We have been reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have been using this story to inspire some of our own writing. 

Rene has done a splendid job at describing the dragon landing on Australia. Read her version of this part of the story below


The boy who tamed a Dragon

By Rene Year 4

On a…


Year 2 Solar System »

This week we have been learning about our Solar System. We learnt the names of the planets, their order from the sun and also how they orbit the sun.
Our Year 2 astronauts ascended the stairs to the roof top galaxy to gain a better view the planets. The children became the different planets,…


Hercules »

On the edge of Mount Olympus, the wind howled ferociously, the sea yelled in horror and Mount Olympus rumbled, something was going on, however Hercules didn't know. Sweat started to run down his face, his skin began to burn and in that moment he knew....

The flaming phoenix soared through the sky,…


Chinese New Year »

Evie and Chienken’s mummies came into school to tell our Nursery and Reception classes about Chinese New Year.  They very kindly gave each child a lucky red envelope. The envelope contained a special card with the child’s name written in Chinese characters.

The children watched this video to hear…


Egg-citing News! »

Have you heard about the egg that Reception Class found in their classroom?! The children came up with some great ideas about what might be inside the egg. They drew their ideas with chalk and wrote labels. They kept a very close eye on the egg and, just before the half-term holiday, IT HATCHED! …


Keeping It Cool »

Our Nursery and Reception Inuits love their new igloo! Thank you for all the milk bottle donations!


Electric Science day »

We were set the task of creating something that contained an electrical circuit, we could chose to design anything we wanted. On Science day we brought in our materials and set about designing, making, painting and adding our circuit. Mr Weir explained that all the wires had to be hidden inside…


Nursery and Reception at The Ice Palace (ICEBAR London)! »

Our Early Years classes have had a magical afternoon exploring a frozen ice palace! They even spotted Sven the reindeer! What a fabulous finale to our Winter Wonderland topic!


Science Day »

~~Year 5 enjoyed planning and carrying out their own experiments as part of Science Day. They were keen to prove just what amazing scientists they really are.


String Ensemble »

Since September Year 2 have had the incredible opportunity of learning to play a string instrument as part of an ensemble.  The children began plucking notes and have progressed to using the bow with the aim of playing, as a group, a complete melody by the end of the year.


Bear Art »

Throughout this term, Year 2 have created a range of Bear Artwork. We have developed pencil shading, water colour blending and layering different colours for effect. I think you will agree these are some wonderful pieces of bear art.


Awesome atoms »

This week we have been learning about atoms. In an atom there are protons and neutrons, they make up the nucleus which is the center of the atom. The protons and neutrons are tightly packed together and movement is limited. Around the outside of the nucleus is where you will find the   electrons. …