Year 6’s WW2 Museum morning »

Our World War II Museum
Over the past 3 weeks, everyone has been gathering information to prepare for a World War 2 museum project. What we had to do was make an exhibit based on a specific area in the war, for example: rationing, home front, evacuation or leaders.
We each went into twos or threes…


What traits have we inherited? »

Today we learnt about how genes are passed on from our parents. We started the lesson with Mr Weir putting a picture of a pair of jeans on the whiteboard, however above it he wrote the word genes and we discussed this using the clue. He then taught us that we have millions of cells in our body and…


Youtuber madness at STCD »

I hope you enjoyed my article! My 5 top tips for writing an awesome news report are;

1 - Include quotes

2 - Make your headline short and snappy. Using aliteration in a headline is a good technique.

3 - Include a split clause... Yesterday Zoe, a twenty year old blogger, had a disaster at STCD.



Fossil hunting »

Year 6 have been fossil hunting. We excavated the rock carefully using a brush and a chisel. It took a lot longer than we expected and some of us got really messy!  Dexter and Yahya found a dinosaur!


A very funny morning… »

On Friday 24th November 2014, a couple of comedians came in to our school. They said they were the ‘authority’ and they pretended to talk to us about saving the environment and told us about global warming and greenhouse gases. There was a very dim assistant called Mr Holloway who, at the beginning…


Our evacuation poem for the poetry recital »

I’ve packed my clothes my Sunday best,
There is no room for all the rest.
I’ve packed my memories in my head,
At night ill share them with my ted.
I’ve left my home, my own bedroom,
I’ve left the smell of mum’s perfume.
I’ve left my mum she had to stay,
I wish she had come with me today.
I’ve left…