Remember remember the 5th of November! »

This weekend lots of families will be celebrating Bonfire Night.

In our assembly this morning, we had great fun making our own human firework using our voices in the hall.  We talked about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night and the children learnt these important rules:

* Never touch fireworks!



Our Superhero Quest »

In the last week of term, our friends Clement and Clementine went missing! As we have been learning about Superheroes and their superpowers, we thought we would go on a Superhero Quest to try and find them. The children donned their capes, prepped their masks and went in search of our class bears.…


Thank you, Father Simon! »

This week is ‘Thank Your Vicar Week’.  At St Clement Danes, we have taken this special opportunity to say a very big thank you to Father Simon for all he does for our school community!


Black History Month »

In October we have been learning about a range of inspirational figures such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Mo Farah. There will be more activities throughout the year which will inspire the children to think about their own contribution to making a fair and peaceful world.


Year 6 Poetry »

Today, Year Six took part in the Look North More Often poetry project with Cheryl Moskowitz from the Poetry Society.

A Norwegian Christmas tree has been given annually to the people of London since 1947, as a symbol of peace and friendship, in recognition of British support during World War II.…


Sayers Croft Day Four »


Sayers Croft Day Three »


Sayers Croft Day Two »


Sayers Croft Day One »


Harvest »

This afternoon, we celebrated Harvest at St Mary le Strand Church.  All classes prepared performances, Year 6 House Captain and Monitor roles were announced and Father Simon spoke about thankfulness.

Food donations were collected for the Simon Community, a charity for homeless people in London.


Tag Rugby Tournament »

Today, 10 children from Year 6 participated in the Westminster Tag Rugby Tournament.
When the children arrived at Regent’s Park they enjoyed a variety of training exercises before playing their 3 games of rugby.
On returning to school, the children were keen to tell Miss Coxhead and the rest of the…


School Council Election Results »

Following Friday’s election, our new School Council was announced in assembly this morning.

Enormous congratulations to Coco, Frankie, Adam R, Aliyah, Dion, Noan, Fauve W-M, Maisie, Ayah and Jahan who have been elected to represent their classes on our School Council this year!

In our assembly…


School Council Election »

Having listened carefully to the election pledges of their classmates, today each person voted for two children to represent their class on the St Clement Danes School Council.  The votes have been counted and verified and the results will be announced in Monday’s assembly!


Year 4 Shakespeare award ceremony at the House of Lords »

'Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!'

Congratulations to Year 4! On Thursday class representatives visited the House of Lords to give a presentation to an invited audience and receive their trophy from Baroness Estelle Morris of Yardley. This award was for…


Collective Worship - TAX! »

In Collective Worship on Wednesday we learned all about a man called Zaccheus and we also learned about tax! Fr Simon demonstrated how Zaccheus stole money from people by taking more money than he needed when he collected taxes. Miss Lawson, Mrs Vale and Miss Coxhead were particularly disappointed…