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Clement’s 5th Birthday »

On Friday it is Clement's 5th birthday! The Reception children are already excited and very busy preparing for his party. They have been making shopping lists, RSVP'ing to invitations and Clement has already been inundated with birthday cards! What a lovely occasion it will be!


A Visit from Mr Bentham »

The other day we had a visitor to our class. He wore orange and yellow, had a brilliant smile and came carrying a book. Our visitor introduced himself as Mr Bentham and told us a little bit about his job as the Chair of Governors. He shared with us a fabulous story about Dinosaurs (which we love!)…


Nursery visitor »

Nursery had a special visitor in our classroom,  Daniel Bentham, the Chair of the School Governors came in to read them a story!


Creepy Crawlies in Early Years! »

Reception and Nursery received special packages from the postman the other day. The label on the package said ‘Handle with care.’  We opened it to find, a small jar with a lid housing 5 tiny caterpillars. The children were amazed by the diminutive size of the caterpillars. They marvelled at how…



A mysterious egg has appeared in Nursery.
The children are waiting in anticipation to see what kind of creature will emerge when it hatches…watch this nest!


Nativity »

After many recitals of lines, acting and narrating parts, singing sessions and practising our jazz hands, the children were ready for their moment! Yesterday marked the day we have been eagerly preparing for, the day of the EYFS Nativity Play.

On a joyous cloud in heaven, The Angel Express arrived…


Our Superhero Quest »

In the last week of term, our friends Clement and Clementine went missing! As we have been learning about Superheroes and their superpowers, we thought we would go on a Superhero Quest to try and find them. The children donned their capes, prepped their masks and went in search of our class bears.…


BREAKING NEWS: Spaceship on the roof of St Clement Danes! »

A spaceship crash landed on the roof of our school and now there is an alien called Beegu on the loose!!

After school yesterday, Miss Fostir and Miss Olivia found a small yellow alien and her spaceship on our roof playground. They asked her to stay where she was while they went to get Mr Peter’s…


Tim Peake’s Space Walk »

This afternoon St Clement Danes watched LIVE as Tim Peake became the first British Citizen to walk in Space!!

We were very worried when Tim Peake was told that his safety tether may have snagged …and then hugely relieved when Mission Control said he could proceed as all was well. Phew!

Once Tim…


Alice In Wonderland »

“Time is really flying by; we must be having fun!”

"Yes! Yes!"  Our Nursery and Reception pocket watches gave a superstar performance in the Royal Opera House last week!