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Prehistory- Time travellers’ party »

Throughout this term, in Year 3 we have been investigating the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Yesterday we had a time travellers' party hosted by Mug and Fug in which each child brought in an artefact that they'd made and a costume designed by themselves. 

First we introduced ourselves as…


Year 3 time travels to the Stone Age! »

This term our lovely Year 3s are inmersed in Prehistory. They have been doing cave paintings and carving clay and investigating lifestyle from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic making some fantastic observations of the archaeological site of Skara Brae. We will keep you posted about an amazing…


S.O.U.L workshop »

Today in Year 3 we had a fantastic time learning values through play. We worked as a team and reflected on our emotions, our fears and how we view and perceive others. We had so much fun!


The Delauney part II- Muffin making »

In this second session, Year 3 continued to worked alongside three pastry chefs from 'The Delaunay' . The class prepared, baked and decorated blueberry muffins using lots of different tools and techniques. What a fun and delicious experience!


The Delaunay experience - food tasting »

Last Thursday we had a really special treat, a science lesson not to forget. A pastry chef came from the Delaunay to talk to us about different kinds of food and tastes. He brought different ingredients for us to try and to our surprise the jelly did not taste according to its colour. We thought…


Year 3’s Amazing Pyjama Party! »

This afternoon, we celebrated our Attendance Award from Term 1 by having a film party. We watched Matilda, which was our core text last term and had a great laugh watching Miss Trunchbull and Bruce.

As a special treat we had some pizza and popcorn and watched the film... in our pyjamas!!!

We had…


The Delaunay Muffin Making »

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their second session of baking, as they worked alongside three pastry chefs from 'The Delaunay' restaurant on Aldwych. Today the class prepared, baked and decorated blueberry muffins, which were absolutely delicious! 




The Trial of Lady Macbeth »

The trial of Lady Macbeth took place yesterday at the St Clement Dane Court house in Court number 3. The suspect on trial, Lady Macbeth, was described by witnesses to be angry and still claiming her innocence.  


The crown witnesses took to the stand first, Doctor Diego and Doctor…


Guilty or not guilty… That is the question! »

Today Year 3 prepare their case for the trial of Lady Macbeth, using evidence and witness statements from the scene and events leading up to the death of King Duncan. Will the jury find her guilty or not guilty? 

Find out on Monday as the trial continues....