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We are composers! »

Year 4 are composing music in ternary form. That means that the same section at the beginning is repeated at the end, making a musical sandwich! This musical sandwich was influenced by the paintings of Turner. Our pieces today were inspired by the sea and our sections were impressions of the Storm,…


Year 4’s Roman History Workshop »

Year 4 had an amazing day with Charlie, our Roman Centurion teacher for the day. We were legionaries, an elite squad of soldiers carrying out real duties that Romans would have undertaken in the past! These included:

  • designing wax coins (one was made into a real silver coin!),
  • building a Roman…


Year 4 Meet the Vikings at the National Maritime Museum »

Year 4 had an amazing day out at the National Maritime Museum today.

We started our adventure at school and had to take both a tube and a train to get to Greenwich. We had a lovely view of London from the train and it was super speedy. When we arrived in Greenwich, we had a short walk to the…


Year 4 Drumming Workshop »

Year 4 were lucky enough to have an African drumming lesson with professional drummer Zed today.

We were all given a Djembe drum and Zed taught us how African drumming is used for communication, like morse code. We practiced different repeated patterns and also call and response patterns, like…


Cross Country Results - 8th in Westminster »


Year 4, Term 1 Week 5 »

Year 4, Blog entry T1 W5


On Thursday the 24th September in year 4 we went to church, to learn about the principles of mass. Last week on Friday we focused on confessions and forgiveness. To support our students learning Father Simon spent the day with us. Our Learning Intention was to know how…


Year 4 Alice in Wonderland Photos »

Here are some photos of our performance at the Royal Opera House. 


Rene, our writing star! »

We have been reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have been using this story to inspire some of our own writing. 

Rene has done a splendid job at describing the dragon landing on Australia. Read her version of this part of the story below


The boy who tamed a Dragon

By Rene Year 4

On a…


Maths across the curriculum »

We have been learning about decimal points during our maths lessons. During P.E we used metre rulers to measure in a standing jump. We wrote down our scores on a whiteboard using decimal points. 

We jumped three times. We added all our scores together and divided by three to get our average. We…