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Police Cadets »

A group of children from Year 5 and Year 6 have completed a ten-week Police Cadets programme. The weekly after-school sessions have been led by our local police officers PC Cham and PC McLucas.  The programme was packed full of marvellous experiences for the children including visiting the police…


Portraiture »

Today, the Year 5 children visited the Courtauld Gallery to learn more about Portraiture.  They observed a number of different paintings and had the chance to consider the composition, mood, use of colour and light in the artworks. Through a range of drawing tasks, they worked on creating  detailed…


Goings on in Y5! »

Children have been working on amazing Force projects at home! 


Tag Rugby Tournament »

Today, 10 children from Years 5 and 6 participated in the Westminster Tag Rugby Tournament.
When the children arrived at Regent’s Park they enjoyed a variety of training exercises before playing their 3 games of rugby. The team returned to school with smiles on their faces and proud of their…


Science with Dr James Baker »

Last week, Dr James Baker came in to school with Mr Daniel Bentham (our Chair of Governors) to do some fun science demonstrations.
Dr James Baker is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Biology at University College London.  He spoke to years 5 and 6 about the importance of science and then showed them…


Christingle »

Year 2 are learning all about the religious symbolism in Light. Today we focussed on the symbolism of the Christingle and what it means to Christians. The orange symbolises the world, the red ribbon symbolises Jesus' sacrifice, the four sticks represent the four seasons and the sweets are a sign of…


Inter Faith Week workshop »

Yesterday, Father Jim and some students from LSE came in to school to deliver a workshop for Inter Faith Week to years 5 and 6.

Each of the LSE students came in to school with an object that represented an aspect of their faith and explained why the object was important to them. They then…


‘Romeo and Juliet’ Adaptation »

Last term, Year 5 wrote some brilliant adaptation stories of 'Romeo and Juliet' after studying Shakespeare's dramatic text. Anastasia read out the beginning of her story in assembly, so here is the long-awaited full story, as promised by Mrs Abrahams...

Forbidden Love

It was night time, and the…


Yr 5 Science Taster Lesson »

Today, Year 5 went on an exciting trip to Westminster City School. We participated in a hands on science lesson led by Mr Chen in a specialist science lab. We tested PH levels in different substaces and even conducted flame tests in which we identified particular metal solutions. Don't worry…


Year 5 Trip to The Rambert Building »

Yesterday, Year 5 were lucky enough to get a snapshot into the life of a Rambert dancer and we saw how their magnificent dance productions come to life. We participated in a dance workshop as well as collaborating in small groups to design and make costumes, props and set designs for our own dance…