Career Assembly


This morning we were delighted to welcome a guest speaker in our assembly. Mr Guy Hilton told us all about his job as General Manager of the The Waldorf Hilton hotel. Mr Hilton’s hotel is just around the corner from our school, on Aldwych.  

Sydney, Year 3:  “It was really interesting. I couldn’t believe how many sausages were cooked in the hotel!”

Evie, Year 2: “Mr Hilton was telling us facts about the hotel. I want to work in a hotel because I’ll meet loads of people from different places and I’ll have fun.”

Pepper, Year 4: “There are so many bedrooms in the hotel. I would really like to stay at the Waldorf Hilton hotel because it has a very nice pool. It’s a bit expensive though, unless you’re a millionaire!”

Sholto, Year 1: “I found out that if you are a hotel manager you have to keep people happy.”

Lola, Year 5: “You need to make sure the guests like where they stay and make it welcoming.”

Scarlett, Year 1: “If you are a hotel manager, you have to do GCSEs and O’ Levels and A’ Levels.”

Maisie, Year 5: “I really liked assembly because I got to know what the Waldorf Hilton is like and I got to know how I could improve a hotel. You have to make sure you have enough staff.”

Jia Er, Year 6: “It influenced me to maybe get a hotel. It sounds like a fun job. I would like to be the boss, or maybe the chef. It was really interesting to find out how the hotel runs.”

Darius, Year 1: “The swimming pool is awesome!”

Huge thanks to Mr Hilton for entertaining and inspiring our children this morning.