Wintery Experiments


At the end of Term 4, the Nursery and Reception children had a wonderful day working together in groups as budding young scientists. They were keen to use their thinking and observational skills to carry out experiments which celebrated our term’s topic of Winter Wonderland. The children took part in two experiments with their group.

In the Nursery classroom, children used crayons to create a nice protective coat for their penguin pictures. The children then used bottles to spray them with water and found that they remained dry! Miss Paget taught us about the way a Penguin stays dry with its oily coat in real Arctic conditions.

Ms Crook had lots of different materials that the children used to create rainclouds in jars. The children poured water, shaving foam and then added drops of food colouring which slowly fell to the bottom like streams of raindrops! They children were so eager to prepare the experiment and then watch and describe what they saw!

Miss Buddy helped us to create Snowflake Reflections with CDs, torches and paper snowflakes we shone the light onto the disc at an angle to create rainbow reflections on the roof and whiteboard.

Mrs Leonard showed the children how to create an icy volcano and faux snow. The children were amazed and elated to see the water and mixture change when combined. They loved playing in the falling ‘snow!’

It was a joy to see the children’s wonder at the changes they could see. We had a fabulous day of discussions. What brilliant work, Reception and Nursery Scientists!