Year 4 visit St James’ Park and London Zoo!


Year 4 went on a field trip to St James' Park on Tuesday to collect information about living things.  They carefully observed the micro-habitats around them and worked with a partner to record their findings.  We also had a picnic and played some games to celebrate winning both the punctuality and attendance cup last term - we had lots of fun!

We were so lucky to have another trip to London Zoo on Thursday! These are just some of the animals and insects we saw: Green Anaconda, Gorillas, Tigers, Wild African Dogs, Cobras, Lions, Tarantulas, Beetles and Otters! We recorded what different animals ate and tried to find out what kind of teeth they had as well as taking lots of photos.

We also saw the otters being fed by one of the zoo keepers.

We learned that sea otters often float in groups whilst they sleep and that they all hold hands to stay together in their group. Aww!