Children are assessed regularly through a combination of teacher assessment and standardised testing. Pupils in Nursery and Reception are given baseline assessments during their first term at school. The aim is to obtain a pupil profile that will inform teachers and provide data against which further progress can be measured.

Teachers also monitor progress through ongoing observations, discussions and informal tests at the end of units of work. Staff use this information to indicate clearly progress being made, to inform teaching and planning and to review and analyse the curriculum. Children are given timely and sensitive feedback about their performance with the aim of helping them to set their own targets, rather than competing against their peers. Children in Key Stage 2 are taught how to develop realistic learning and performance targets. In so doing they can take a direct role in raising their own expectations and gain knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses.

Formal assessments are held for Year 2 and above in the form of SATs in the Summer term.

Through regular assessment we aim to ensure that children are well prepared for performing in timed conditions and consequently enjoy the opportunity to show what they have learned. Where appropriate differentiated elements are introduced in order to allow every pupil to experience success.

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