The school gate opens at 8.30am and parents are welcome to accompany their children into the playground. It is vital that all pupils are on time for school and ready to learn.

Daily assembly

The whole school gathers at 9.15am for daily assembly, which helps to foster a sense of unity and shared identity in the school and provides an opportunity to develop our school values and a sense of community. It is also a time to acknowledge and celebrate endeavour and achievement. The customs and beliefs that children of all religions bring into the school are recognised and appreciated. Hymns and seasonal songs are sung and children are encouraged to play, sing, perform, recite and contribute in an active way to these daily gatherings.


Lessons begin at 9.35am and a balanced timetable is provided with a morning break and a play period at lunch time. Lunch times vary for each Key Stage. Hot lunches are provided but those who prefer may bring a packed lunch. Sport, art and foundation subjects generally take place in the afternoon. At the end of the school day there is a variety of after-school clubs that children may join (see details in the After-School Clubs section).

Typical Class timetables:

Reception Class Timetable

Year 1 Timetable

Year 2 Timetable

Year 3 Timetable

Year 4 Timetable

Year 5 Timetable

Year 6 Timetable


Going-home times

Going-home times are as follows:

Breakfast club and after school provision is provided on the school premises by 'Fit For Sport'.