SATs/League Tables- The Back Story


When looking at  Primary School league tables for 2013 parents may be tempted to make a judgement on a school based upon statistics. At St Clement Danes Primary School we feel it is important to set these statistics within a context in order to provide parents with a broad and balanced view of the school.

All good schools share a similar vision; to ensure pupils leave fully prepared both academically and socially for the world in which they live.  Schools also commit to being inclusive.

At St Clement Danes we practise what we preach; admitting pupils to the school at any stage of their learning, embracing difficulties and challenges, celebrating diversity and disability.  In the academic year 2012-2013 this commitment was never more apparent. We admitted almost a quarter of the final cohort total to what was an unusually small Year 6 class, at the beginning of the important SATs year. In doing this we put pupils before overall results.

In the 2012-2013 Year 6 class our 19 pupils each child held a value of 5. 2%.  Pupils who arrived to our school late made excellent progress, however, such a high percentage for each individual pupil meant that those few who did not quite reach the expected level resulted in a drop in end of year statistics, making our usual excellent standards look like they had taken a dip.

We are proud of our school, its teaching and its focus on the individual pupil.  We recognise that all of our Year 6 pupils left with high self-esteem, they felt valued and had positive attitudes to all aspects of school, with confidence to cope in a range of situations in real life. We recognise that these benefits will stand them in good stead for all future learning and look forward to hearing of their future successes.