Star of the Week: Abel


Our star this week is a bit like a supernova shining brightly in our school’s cosmos. Unlike the supernova in the sky however our star is here on Earth and due to the gases that surround us, our star can be heard now that it has exploded. Don’t worry a child hasn’t actually exploded it’s just a figure of speech!

Our star has exploded out of his shell (again a figure of speech) and has flourished into a confident individual who is a proud member of our little universe here at St Clement Danes.

The star this week has always had a sparkle about them, something that makes them interesting and unique. Unfortunately it was difficult to get to know more about our star because they were timid and shy.  Happily however, this is no longer the case and recently we have found out more about this star than we ever thought possible.

Our star:

Abel is the star of the week. He is brightening up the days in year 6 and now it is his time to dazzle all around the school with his splendour and magnificence!