Star of the Week: Alfie and Mr Phil


There are times when one star simply won't suffice

And what you need is two stars that shine really bright.

So who are these two stars and what do they do?

Sit back, listen and try to follow the clues.

Both are gentle and ever so kind,

Two bigger hearts you'll rarely find.

One has patience that goes on for miles and miles,

And the other has a cheeky grin that will make you smile.

Both are so funny and can fill a room with laughter,

Spreading joy and happiness is what this pair are after.

Both are good at dressing up, computers and outdoor games,

Both are treasured members of our school St Clement Danes.

One is big, one is small,

One is short, the other is tall.

Now surely it has become completely obvious,

You must have guessed who we think is so precious.

Their names are shining at the top of the bill,

The two stars are Alfie and of course, Mr Phil!