Star of the Week: Ashraf


The universe is amazing, enormous and vast, Stars shine brightly some flash past. We have many stars in our school Only one can be chosen will it be you?

Here are ten reasons why this star has been chosen:

Star number one, He gets all his work done
Star number two, He is thoughtful and true
Star number three, He loves science and D.T.
Star number four, He always loves to learn more
Star number five, Asks big questions and wants to know why

How wonderful is our star!

Star number six, He is witty and quick
Star number seven, Reading books he’s in heaven!
Star number eight, His imagination is great.
Star number nine, He is often first in line!  
Star number ten, I could start all over again.

Unique, creative with the kindest heart.
A joy to teach with a flare for art!
There are too many things to say about this star,
He has made so much progress and come so far!

You are a wonderful member of our school, I am delight to tell Ashraf the star is you!