Star of the Week: Chelsea


This week, our star’s life cycle begins with the laying of an egg. This egg is the type of person who will grow to become something magical and amazing.

After a few weeks, they appear from the egg feeding on Maths knowledge, English VCOP, Phonics sounds and Science questioning skills. Its behaviour is impeccable, never straying from its path.

With encouragement, praise and confidence, the star is able to move into the next stage of the cycle. Their special skills include being able to move swiftly in PE, thinking on their feet, helping others and answering questions from their teacher. The chrysalis is formed.

You may be thinking that our star’s life cycle may be ending soon, but no! This is only the beginning.  They emerge from the chrysalis transformed into the most beautiful majestic butterfly. One that is an example to all others at St. Clement Danes.

Chelsea, you have transformed into a wonderful member of our school. We are proud to say that you are this week’s star!