Star of the Week: Ella


This shining star has burned brightly since Year 1 when they first received the star of the week accolade with the following things being said about her.

This star has an insatiable appetite for learning. She comes to school each and every morning full of enthusiasm for the lessons that will take place that day. She is always eager to answer questions, to offer ideas and to share her opinion. Her eyes sparkle with the enjoyment she takes from finding out new facts and ideas.

5 years later and she is still showing these qualities and lots more.

This star is an all round amazing individual.

She has impressed every adult that has had the pleasure of working with her.

This star is musical, creative, a good team player, an imaginative writer and diligent mathematician.

This year our star has shown that she is a mature and responsible young lady; someone to be relied upon to do the right thing and lead by example.

She is dedicated and focussed and sets herself high standards and has a positive attitude to learning.

She has herself, identified that she has the potential to be a leader because of her caring and nurturing qualities.

This star is proud to be a member of our school but we are even prouder to have her as a member of our school community.

Ella, you are our star of the week!