Star of the Week: Harry


It was a fine bright day and all the animals were working really hard on their maths problems. All except Anansi the spider. He was sleeping beneath a thorn bush. What a lazy spider!

“Anansi is so lazy, moss grows on his head!” laughed all the animals.

All except one.

This animal was caring, kind and considerate. If he ever saw any one in the playground who looked unhappy or had fallen out with their friends, he made sure that they made up again.

“Don’t worry” he whispered to Anansi. “I know where we can become the most hardworking animals, but we have to get on a tube to Covent Garden.”

When they reached their destination, he showed Anansi all his wonderful learning. His reading record which was signed every day, his great ideas in his Science book, the adjectives that he had used in his English, all the sounds he knew in phonics and the models he had made with all the new playground equipment on the roof.

He pointed to his name which was on the Year 2 rainbow.

“Look Anansi, you can be on the rainbow too! All you have to do is put in 100% into all your learning.”

From that day on, Anansi decided never to be lazy again.

All because…. Harry Powers showed him how to be a star of the week!