Star of the Week: Julian


Let’s look into the future so that we can see

In thirty years from now, what our star will be

He knows right from wrong that’s for sure

So he could be a judge upholding the law

When he explains his ideas he does so with such clarity

So it’s very possible that a teacher he will be

To all his friends he is loyal and caring both

So he could be a doctor and take the Hippocratic oath

He is always fair, we are sure about that

So he could be a diplomat

He can explain how sound travels, even through the ear

So perhaps he will be some sort of engineer

Space seems to fill his every other thought

So he will probably be an astronaut

So what will our star be in 2044?

There is no way yet of really being sure

Because our star is only 5 years old

But already he is making his mark on the world

He has such a strong can do attitude

That we’re sure he’ll be successful whatever he decides to do

His name is Julian, but some call him Jules

And it’s his shining light that this week rules.