Star of the Week: Lucy


Ahoy me hearties, Welcome aboard the good ship HMS Clementine, currently in dry dock awaiting its new coat of paint.

Shiver me timbers, the latest captain of this ship has steered the pirates aboard with their vivid imagination and vibrant and colourful conversation. This pirate captain has been busy welcoming their newest recruits with a friendly smile, a kind word and a helping hand, as they weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen.

Blow me down, they have a memory like an elephant seal and forget nothing. This person is no landlubber and is often caught on the poop deck along with all her shipmates as they scrub the deck. This lassies savvy attitude towards her work has produced valuable jewels for her treasure trove. Her shipshape writing skills and enthusiasm toward the ships log are no match for scallywags from other ships.

Yo ho ho beware this star of the week or you will be asked to walk the plank by Captain Lucy.