Star of the Week: Maisie


In a time not too long ago and in a land much like our own, there lived a girl. She was growing up and getting taller and soon it was time to buy a new bed.

Her and her parents went to a furniture shop where they came across an unusual looking bed.

“What do you want that old bed for?” asked her Mum.

“Ah!” said the shop owner.

“That bed is magical. It has been passed down through many generations and in it, you will have many great adventures.”

On closer inspection, the girl and her dad discovered some writing on the bed.

“What does it say?” said the girl.

“It says: ‘In this bed you will travel far. First say your prayers and then say….’

I can’t read the last word. It says M, something, something E.”

That evening the girl got ready for bed early. She said her prayers and then tried to say the magic word. She tried: magpie, minute, moggie, marble and many many more.

She thought nothing had happened until suddenly, she was travelling over London.

On her adventure she solved problems using her maths skills, wrote some fantastic description in her English book and discussed art work in great detail. She helped other children who had trouble with phonics and even showed whole classes how to sit on the carpet properly!

Now, if you want to travel like our friend, all you have to do is say your prayers, close your eyes and say the magic word…. Maisie! You are our star of the week!