Star of the Week: Olivia


This star has been in waiting for quite a while now but today the time has finally arrived for her to be celebrated.

The star this week is a teacher’s dream; she has a passion for learning, has determination to succeed, is hardworking and is making some fantastic progress. She knows her strengths and works to maintain them but she is also able to identify areas to improve. When she sets her mind at something she never gives up – she might huff a little and pull faces but she always gets there in the end.

Our star however is not just a great learner, she is also a very humorous individual who brightens up the day with her sharp wit and well-timed commentaries, topped off of course with impeccable manners. She is always keen to engage in discussion - when she is passionate about something she will debate furiously (even if it transpires that she is mistaken in her thinking and methodology) and she is never afraid to ask questions of things that puzzle her.

It has to be said though that it is not only the teachers who think highly of this week’s chosen one, her classmates are pretty fond of her too. Watching her with her friends it is clear to see why she is so well liked and valued. After all who wouldn’t want a friend that is funny, willing to lend a helping hand at times when things are a little too tough, who is kind, generous, compassionate and generally someone awesome to be around.

Olivia you are the star of the week. Congratulations!