Star of the Week: Rene


This star deserves the star of the week for a number of different reasons, a few of which you will be told about and some others that you will discover for yourself if you are fortunate enough to spend some time with her.


Since the beginning of this year our star has shone as a mature, reliable and remarkably determined individual. Our star is at her happiest when she is completing work that challenges her. She doesn’t moan or fuss when she finds things difficult, in fact she can be seen deep in thought, determined to find the answer.


She is a great friend to her classmates and the other members of the school community. She is humorous, kind, caring, ambitious, an asset to her class and invaluable to her teacher.


She has grown in confidence sharing her ideas with her peers and was an incredible swashbuckling pirate! Her writing demonstrates the skill of a much older child as she fills her writing with more interesting and descriptive sentences every day.


Rene, you truly are a bright and shining star, today and always!