Star of the Week: Rosa


Can you solve the riddle?


This person is caring to the people they meet,

she is considerate, helpful and sweet.


This person is hardworking and reliable,

they are a tremendous student - that is undeniable.


This person is making continuous progress,

her completed work never fails to impress.


This person accepts challenges with no fear,

if they keep up the great work they’ll have a magnificent year.


This person is incredibly funny,

when they are around the day is always sunny.


This person goes to bed early which makes her perky,

she is also known for being quite quirky.


This person may be compact and small,

but their personality never fails to enthrall.


This person has a glint in her eye,

if you want to buy her a present a moustache you should buy.


This person in St Clement Danes is schooled

they sit in a class listening to Miss Gould


Have you guessed our star for today?


It’s Rosa, shining all the way!