Star of the Week: Shahil


The Young Adventurer: On a morning, not so long ago a young boy awoke from a restless sleep, as during the last few nights he had been having a recurring dream.

The dream of standing alone, with crowds cheering and the accolade of star of the week firmly gripped between his fingers. This honour was bestowed upon him for bravery, courage and determination in all aspects of learning.

The young explorer decided it was time to take action, he must go forth and conquer any challenge and target set! His journey began as he sped towards St Clement Danes School, rehearsing his spellings and multiplications on the way to ensure 10/10 in any test. Arriving on time was essential, no battle with the late book needed, as he swiftly passed the towering black gates with ease.

As the bell rang he was already at front of the line, prepared to defeat the English beast with punctuation, connectives and wow words. The battle was short, sentences were flying and vibrant vocabulary was written crushing the beast. Then suddenly the Maths monster crept up from behind, he thought quickly ducking behind his book and putting pen to paper. His calculations were thorough, explanations clear; the monster was hit square between the eyes! Success!

Journeying through the halls to the cave near Year 6, the adventurer’s politeness and kindness shone, lighting up every dark corner around him. He had done it and his journey was at the end. All Reading Reptiles, Science Swamps or Geography Giants were tackled. Only the final steps to accept the award were needed.

To a diligent, meticulous and wonderful St Clement Danes Adventurer! Sahil you are our star of the week!