Star of the Week: Tayeba


This is a report on the newly discovered species ‘Lupites ridiculam unum’.  This previously unknown species was recently discovered on an expedition to St Clement Danes School.  It is thought to be incredibly rare, only to be found in one place in the world.


Name: Lupites ridiculam unum


Appearance: This creature is of medium height with dark hair and is warm blooded.  For five days of the week they are navy blue, grey, and white with a splash of yellow beneath their chin.  On the other two days though, they change their colour.


Behaviour: This creature is domesticated and is extremely well behaved.  They have good problem solving skills and always give 100% to every task they are given.  They are naturally smiley creatures with genuinely bubbly personalities.  They are also very funny. 


Enemies: The Lupites is rare in that it quite literally has no enemies or predators.  Scientists have conjectured that this is because of the aforementioned smiley character.


Habitat: This new species can be found on the top floor of St Clement Danes School although they travel to other areas during the day to eat and relax.  Once a week they stray to the local waterhole with the other animals.


Diet: The Lupites survives on normal food but towards the end of last year they acquired the need to devour books regularly to survive. 


Have you guessed who it is yet?  Here are some more clues.


Gender: Female


Name translation: Goblin funny one


Also known as: Tayeba Ali


Well done Tayeba, you truly deserve to be our Star of the Week!