Star of the Week: The Swimming Team


The following dictionary definitions are relevant to this week’s Star. They have exhibited all of these qualities this week.

Ambassador: an authorised representative

Being a part of a school can be a special thing. Feeling part of something can make you feel content inside. A responsibility comes with this feeling though. It is important to represent your school and to wear the uniform with pride.  A certain level of behaviour and a positive disposition are expected when you are wearing the uniform. 

Cheerful: full of cheer; in good spirits

Many adults could learn a lesson from this week’s Star. Anyone can be cheerful when in the midst of success. Can you be cheerful when things aren’t going your way and you are out of your comfort zone? This Star can.

Competitive: having a strong desire to compete or to succeed

Winning isn’t everything. It is the taking part that counts. This phrase has been repeated over and over again. It is true, but there is a caveat to the phrase. Winning isn’t everything, but, trying to win and striving for victory can be seen as a quality. If you are in competition, then surely you should try your best to win.

Sportsmanship: behaviour in sport that is fair and shows respect to the other players

This is something that some children can find challenging. They get caught up in the winning mentioned above, begin to think that winning is everything, and forget that sport is meant to be fun. The Star of the Week this week did not forget this, and was competitive, whilst showing outstanding sportsmanship.

So, who is this week’s Star of the week? This piece of writing has been written as if about a single person. This is sneaky as there should have been some plurals used as this week’s Stars of the Week are the St Clement Danes Swimming Team. It is a collective award for all of the team. They were A-MAZ-ING. They did all of the things mentioned above and more besides. If the boys could get changed a bit quicker, they would be faultless. Some people won medals, some didn’t, but every single person is a credit to their school and families.