Star of the Week: Vincent


Once upon a time there was a shoemaker. You may have heard his story. He was terribly poor, but luckily some helpful elves got him back on his feet. Now, the Shoemaker had a wonderful designer shoe store and he created the most luxurious and magnificent shoes for all the stars.

The shoemaker was asked to create a special shoe for a new guy who was in town. He needed to think carefully about this star. This star is energetic and fun to be around. He is charismatic and has a bright friendly personality. He is generous and is liked by all those who meet him. He is a hard worker and perseveres in any task given to him. He is known for his exquisite art skills. His realistic drawings wow those around him.

The shoemaker worked day and night and could not wait to present the most splendid shoes to… Vincent