Star of the Week

Each week a St Clement Dane's pupil is awarded our 'Star of the Week' award. Here are some of the historical winners. Please note that from September 2014, Stars of the Week now appear in our News section, through our weekly newsletter.


Star of the Week: The Swimming Team »

This piece of writing has been written as if about a single person.


Star of the Week: DanaĆ« »

This week our Star of the Week comes in the form of a Kenning poem! Can you guess who the poem is talking about?


Star of the Week: Lilly »

Dear Mrs Abrahams, I am writing this letter, because I know that your school has a very difficult decision to make every week. This week I am going to make it easy for you.


Star of the Week: Anisha »

Being star of the week is rare in the life of a St Clement Danes child; it is something to be hoped for and is a privilege that when bestowed upon an individual makes them, rightly, proud.


Star of the Week: Akram »

A long time ago - and yet perhaps it wasn't such a very long time ago, there lived a remarkable boy. His hair was as black as night and his eyes were as bright as the moon.