Prehistory- Time travellers’ party »

Throughout this term, in Year 3 we have been investigating the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Yesterday we had a time travellers' party hosted by Mug and Fug in which each child brought in an artefact that they'd made and a costume designed by themselves. 

First we introduced ourselves as…


Let the parents sing!! »

Wow! The parents and carers enjoyed singing Christmas carols and songs with Miss Lawson. There's nothing like a big sing to get you smiling, laughing and warmed up on a cold winter morning! Listen out for us sing at the Christmas fair on Thursday! 


Art Club »

Some of the children in Year 1 have taken part in Art Club this term. They have been enthusiatic and focused on creating work relating to their learning theme of Castles. The children have enjoyed every moment and created some lovely art works! 


Miss Parker and Miss Crook


Year 1 at the Tower of London »

Year 1 had a great time at the Tower of London this week! Everyone was so excited to learn more about Medieval life. We spotted different parts of the castle, spoke to a real Beefeater and learnt about some of the Tower's most famous inhabitants, including some exotic animals! We were even knighted…


Himalayan Adventure »

In our assembly this morning we were visited by Nick Carter who told us how he’d climbed Mount Everest.  He explained how bravery, toughness and teamwork helped him and his friends to climb the highest mountain in the world!


Nautical Day »

The children have had a wonderful time celebrating Nautical Day in Reception class. We have been drawing treasure maps, practising our best pirate voices, finding treasure and counting jewels and gems! 


Happy St Clement’s Day! »

Happy St Clement's Day! Today, 23rd November, is the feast of St Clement. Years 3 to 6 celebrated the Eucharist at St Paul's Church, Covent Garden with Fr Simon.  


Flamenco fun! »

Today KS2 had a chance to participate in a Flamenco Workshop.

Carmen and Demi from Canela Fina introduced this Spanish dance both historically and geographically. Then we all had a go at improving our rhythm using our 'palmas' and feet, dancing and playing cajon. 

We put together wonderful…


A spectacular composition! »

Mayuchi in Year 6 composed Variations of the theme of Oranges and Lemons. She performed it in Golden Assembly accompanied by Miss Lawson. 

What a wonderfully creative piece of music! 


Interfaith Week »


Portraiture »

Today, the Year 5 children visited the Courtauld Gallery to learn more about Portraiture.  They observed a number of different paintings and had the chance to consider the composition, mood, use of colour and light in the artworks. Through a range of drawing tasks, they worked on creating  detailed…


Year 3 time travels to the Stone Age! »

This term our lovely Year 3s are inmersed in Prehistory. They have been doing cave paintings and carving clay and investigating lifestyle from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic making some fantastic observations of the archaeological site of Skara Brae. We will keep you posted about an amazing…


Clement’s 5th Birthday »

On Friday it is Clement's 5th birthday! The Reception children are already excited and very busy preparing for his party. They have been making shopping lists, RSVP'ing to invitations and Clement has already been inundated with birthday cards! What a lovely occasion it will be!


Marvellous Maths in Year 1 »

This term, Year 1 really are becoming masters of place value. The children are experts at splitting up numbers into tens and ones. Well done everybody!


Year 4 English highlights »

We have been doing lots of exciting things so far in Year 4 English. The children have produced some excellent written work and have even shown us their performance skills. Stay tuned for some more brilliant work from our lovely Year 4 this term!